Code of Conduct

1. The Apple Tree celebrates diversity and equality, and all event producers, performers, customers and staff are expected to embrace and respect this.

2. The Apple Tree will not tolerate any threatening, violent or offensive behaviour against its staff, performers or customers.

3. The Apple Tree will not tolerate any individual making derogatory remarks about a person’s sexuality, gender, gender identity, race, age, nationality, disability, appearance, religion or any other factor.

4. Wherever possible, event promoters should aim to book a range of performers that represent the diversity of
genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities and social backgrounds that exist within our communities.

5. We embrace a strong culture of enthusiastic consent. Any individual infringing the bodily integrity of another person will be removed from the premises immediately and if necessary referred to the police.

6. Carrying and/or the use of illegal drugs and other illegal substances is strictly prohibited on the premises.

7. Any performer or other person that is deemed aggressive, incapacitated, threatening, a threat to their own
health, or unable to fulfil the role they were intended to do due to intoxication, will be asked to leave the premises immediately and may face a ban.

8. Under the terms of our licence, nudity is not permitted.

9. If you see or are notified of any incident that would break this code of conduct, please notify a member of staff immediately.

10. If holding a Munch, we ask that organisers have at least one allocated monitor for every 20 guests. These
monitors should make themselves known to the Bar Team on arrival and ensure guests comply with our Code
of Conduct, as well as welcoming and integrating any new members into their group. They are our Bar Team’s
first point of contact if a member of the group is found to not adhere to our Code of Conduct.